Monday, December 30, 2013

What is Jusched.exe

Many of you  might be wondering what is Jusched.exe process that you find across the processes Tab of Task Manager and you might already have tried everything to disable this process which is waste of memory and really it does take quite a memory . To figure it out, it is Java update scheduler process that runs periodically to update the Java runtimes on your machines. You can disable this from the Control Panel of your system. Just go to Control Panel and click on Java

Just de select the Checks for Updates automatically, you will receive security warning as below where you may select Never Check[if you don't wanna see Jusched]

Now Click on Apply to kill Jusched for Good. There is a good point to note here, if you do not want to have automatic updates for Java this is fine, in case there is a fix in the Java version or a bug is resolved then, you may want to download new Version or update the Java. Now you must be wondering i am giving both advantage and disadvantage of Jusched! dont worry it is simple, you can disable the updates for the Java and run the update now which will update the Java Run times. Suppose, your Java is already up to date then you will receive a message on screen as below which will tell you the java is up to date.

I hope this helps:)

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