Monday, December 30, 2013

Aliases in Windows CMD


Guys if you are Wondering about creating Command Aliases in Command Prompt then the answer is yes. Indeed you can create them. Let me show you how to do so.

There is a Command called Doskey which we use to Create Command Aliases.

For example you want a Alias Ls created for the command Dir then, you should use
Doskey ls=dir

What you are doing here is telling the Command Prompt to use Ls as an Alias to Dir Command. So when you type Ls and hit enter in your Command prompt you see the directory listing of your current Drive[ or whichever location you are]

Now, you should be thinking , what an easy thing? Yeah.. Very easy! But let me tell you, whatever you create [Aliases] they are available until the window [Command Prompt ]is closed. Once the Window is closed you really cannot use the Aliases anymore which you created before! what a drawback?

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