Monday, December 30, 2013

Creating an Enterprise policy in an TMG


This article outlines creating an Enterprise policy in an EMS Server For TMG.


1. Windows 2008 r2 Server
2. Server should be joined to the domain [ can be done in work group too]
3.EMS installed. You can find the article on how to install EMS here

Lets look at the addition of a new policy step by step


Go to the Forefront TMG Console [EMS] where EMS is installed. Maximize the Enterprise Menu and on the Enterprise Policies Right click to see the “New” Submenu. Click on Enterprise policy as shown below.


A new Wizard window will open, Type in the name of the policy and click Next.


In the next window,it shows the Wizard completion summary as below.


Go back to the console and click the option Apply on the Top in the middle pane. The policy will be created only after you click on apply

As we have already been through what happens when we apply new config or settings, a window will pop up for Configuration change description where, you can enter the details of the change

And once you click on Apply, the settings will be applied

Now go back to the console and observe the changes. The new policy you have created seconds before is now available on screen in the console.

So that is about creating a new Enterprise policy in the EMS Console. You can apply these policies to the arrays you create. i will cover this topic in later articles.

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