Monday, December 30, 2013

Create a New Array from EMS in TMG

This article outlines the creation steps of an new Array in the EMS Console of Threat Management Gateway

Before going further, you will need:

1. Windows 2008 Server R2 installed as an Operating System and connected to Domain.
2. EMS installed and running on the host OS
3. A Network Card with an assigned static address and a DNS Entry

Now lets go through the steps involved in adding an Array


Go to start and click on Forefront TMG Management on the EMS Server[if you dont find it as shown in the figure below, go to start all programs, you can view it under Microsoft Forefront TMG]

Once you click, you should be able to see the EMS Console as shown below


Right click on Array on the left pane or click on Create New Array on the Right pane

A Wizard window opens as below

Give the Array name of your choice and press Next

Press Next


In the next step, you will need to enter the DNS name of the array.Make sure you have a DNS Entry of the IP you will use for the array [ usually used during NLB]

Press Next


In the Next step, you will need to assign Enterprise policy for the New array you are configuring, you will have a  drop down selection menu to select the policies you want to apply. If in case there are no policy defined already , you will have no options as below and you can only select default policy.You can change this Policy applied to the new array later.

Press Next


Next, you will have to select the Firewall Policy rules that can be applied to this new array [Later]. By default, all the options are ticket. i would leave as is.

Press Next and you will be presented on screen with the wizard completion summary

Once you press Finish, an array creation progress bar will be shown on screen.


Once the array is created, Press on Ok.


Once you press ok, the Main console is seen on screen again or if it is minimized, bring it on screen by maximizing. Now in the middle pane, click on the Apply button to apply the changes you have made.


Once you click Apply, a configuration change description windows pops up where, you can input the changes you have made.

Once you click on Apply, the changes will be made as shown below. Click on OK.

Now Press Ok and go back to your Console and you should now see the New Array created. You can also view the Array Name which is Wineng Array in my case and the Configuration storage server is MALEMS01.WINENG.IN which is where i have installed my EMS

So that is it about creating Arrays in EMS of TMG

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