Saturday, July 5, 2014

Enable Desktop Experience on Windows 2012 R2


Recently, I installed  Microsoft Office on Windows 2012 R2 Server for some reason and i could not open up OneNote!! why????

It would ask me to Enable Desktop Experience on the Server from Programs and Features.

If you go to Programs and features, you may not find one very easily :). I thought i will let you guys know just in case, if you come across similar situation.

Open Server Manager

Select Local Server from the Panel

On the Top Right side, Click on Manage and select Add Roles and Features

Keep Clicking Next in the wizard until you get to Features installation

In the Features installation page, go to "User Interface and Infrastructure" & select Desktop Experience.

When asked to add Features, click Add required Features as below and Click Next.

You will need to restart your computer to finish this Feature installation and the Server Manager will also throw a warning as below.

Once rebooted, you will be able to access OneNote

I hope that helps

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