Saturday, April 19, 2014

Creating Domain Controller in Windows 2012 R2


This post is about installing a Domain Controller on Windows 2012 R2 System.

What you need?

Windows 2012 R2 Server
Valid IP address on the network Interface
Hyper V Guest or Base Machine to install the OS

I assume that you have installed the windows 2012 R2 & have provided a valid name and IP address already before proceeding to next steps.


Open Server Manager

Click on Add roles and features

Click Next

Select Role based and feature installation and click next

By default, the  local server should fall under the server pool if not, add the local server and click next

Select domain services as below and a window will automatically pop up

 The window contains selected roles and features required for AD DS to run as below.

Click on Add Features and you will see AD DS getting highlighted now. Click Next

you do not have to select any feature at this point of time as the required features would have been already added. Just click Next in the below screen.

Click Next again in the next window

Click Install after checking the reboot checkbox

The role and feature installation will start installing them as below

at this point, if you wish to do other tasks, you can click close on the window and once the installation is complete, you will see notification in the Server Manager

Once, complete you would see a notification under Server Manager as below:

If you click on the Yellow exclamation , you would see POST Installation tasks as below

Yes, we would like to promote this server as domain controller. Let's click on the blue link

A new window will pop up where we configure AD DS as below. I would select Add a new forest as this is my first domain controller.

Let's give a root domain name as & click next

In the next screen, select the Domain and Forest functional levels as needed & if you wish to have your AD as DNS also, select DNS option

 Type in a restore mode password twice and click Next, provide a Netbios name

Provide the paths

In the next step review the options that you have selected and click Install.

 You might see the machine rebooting automatically with the below message

 Once the reboot is ready, you would automatically see the domain name information to logon as below

You can again go back to server manager to verify if the DC components are active and working.

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