Sunday, July 13, 2014

Configuring WAP

We have already looked at the addition of WAP Role on Windows 2012 R2 Server Here. Today, we will look at post configuration deployment of WAP


  • ADFS Server Installed and running
  • Administrative account Privileges on ADFS Server
  • Certificate for ADFS Proxy
  • DNS resolution to ADFS Service.

Steps Here:

Click on "Open the Web Application  Proxy Wizard" from the below Server Manager Notification pane


You will see WAP Configuration Wizard. Click Next

You are now asked to add the ADFS Service name and an account information  that has administrative privileges on ADFS Server.


At this point, if you do not know the ADFS Service name, you will need to login to ADFS Server and check for ADFS Service name information. If you are already aware of it then, we are good for the next step.

In the next step, we add the ADFS Information as below is the ADFS Service name.

In the next window, you are asked to select the ADFS Proxy certificate.


Select the desired certificate from the drop down menu. Please note, should already have a certificate under personal store of the local computer.


Click Next and confirm the WAP configuration by clicking configure.



If we have made sure the prerequisites are configured properly, the WAP Configuration wizard completes without errors


Click Close to Finish

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