Monday, December 30, 2013

When Extadsch.exe throws 8224


With focus turning to system center config manager 2012 within the IT department everywhere,  i am no different. Here is some piece of information that i found out when i was working on Config manager 2012 and especially, i am going to share some information about error 8224 thrown away by running Extadsch.exe to used to extend the active directory Schema.
I would like to add a note here on where this tool is usually available in System center configuration manager 2012 setup and here it is SMSSETUP\BIN\I386 folder
Also note that prior to running the above tool, the user with which you are running should be in schema admin group of Active Directory else, you may end up with another error.
So now, coming back to where i started, it was a new deployment within my lab and i was trying to Extend the Schema to use with my Config Mgr 2012 and it just threw the error 8224 no matter where i run the tool with all the permissions. It usually saves the log file from wherever you have run it from.

The errors looked something like this:

With all the permissions set for the user and also myself being an enterprise admin what may be wrong here?
One of the problems may be AD replication but wait i have only one Domain Controller!
As a matter of fact, i had two domain controllers and second domain controller is removed abruptly from the computer objects. So why should it replicate then?
The answer was soon found in “Sites and Services” of AD. So when my old Domain controller was deleted from the computer object, the associated replication settings was not removed automatically. So , i had to manually remove the second Domain Controller from servers tab with NTDS Settings under default-first-site-name.
After which, i was able to Extend Schema with no problems at all.
I hope the above article helps!

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