Monday, December 30, 2013

Joining TMG Server to Standalone Array in Domain Environment

This article will help us understand how to join an Threat Management Gateway Server to Stand Alone Array in the Domain Environment
I will consider things below:
1. You have 2 Threat Management Gateway Servers installed in Domain Environment
2. You have full rights on both the Servers.
3. Your Threat Management Servers do not have any network errors connecting to the Domain Controllers
Assuming above things are already accomplished, I will assume two other things here:
1. The First Threat Management Gateway Server is up and running and i will call it as
2. The Second Threat Management Gateway Server is up and running and i will call it as
Now lets go through the steps:
Step1: I will keep my as Array Manager and hence, I will boot the system and leave it that way.
Step2: I will keep my as the Array Managed Node and hence i will boot the system and login to it
Step3: Open the Forefront Threat Management Gateway Console on and Click on Join Array as shown below

Step4: In the Join Array Wizard Click on Next and Select Join a Stand Alone Array Managed by a designated Array Member

Step 5: Enter the Details required, and please make sure that, your DNS is fully working for your Active Directory Domain as we will give the FQDN of the Array Member whom we are designating as the Array Manager. I am already an administrator for the Domain and i have all the access on both the TMG Computers so, i will connect to the Array member [ soon to be Array Manager] using my logged in credentials. You May want to use different account.

Step 6: If DNS is working your way and if the account you are using has required rights, then you should not see any errors, when you press next you should see below screen where you click Next again which will bring in another window showing the “Joining the Array”  Progress Notification.

Once the Joining completes, you will see success notification as below

Observe the change when you open the console on SVMTMG02 [ An Array Member], it shows you are connected to SVMTMG01

Go to the System Tab [Left Pane] of your TMG Console if you want to get the info on the Servers in the Array and their respective designation. In our case it looks like the below snapshot

If you notice, i have logged into SVMTMG02 and that is the reason, you see a Local Server after the server name SVMTMG02 and you also notice that is an Array Managed node and SVMTMG01 is Array Manager.
So that is all about Joining an Threat Management Gateway Computer to Stand Alone Array in Domain Environment.

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