Monday, December 30, 2013

Add TMG to an EMS Managed Array

In the last post we looked into the steps of adding an Array or Creating an Array. This article will describe steps in adding an TMG to an Array.

You will need the following before going further:

1. Two computers running windows 2008 R2.One running EMS and another running TMG all are in domain.
2.An array created in the EMS
3.Both TMG and EMS are connected to each other over the network.
4. A DNS entries of all the servers to resolve each other.
5. A Privileged account to install or add TMG [ We will discuss these later]

Now, lets go through the steps:


Open Forefront TMG from Start Programs on the System with TMG installed [ which will be joined to the EMS]


There are two ways of making TMG know that you want to add it to an Array.

1. Right click on Forefront TMG [servername] as shown below and click join array
2.In the Right Pane Click on Join Array.


A Wizard appears on screen to join the TMG to the array.Click Next.

In the next window, you will have to choose how the array configuration is. That is, whether it is EMS Managed or Standalone. In our case we are joining it to EMS so Lets select EMS and click next.


Make sure the FQDN of EMS is resolving to proper EMS server and Type the FQDN of the EMS server in the next screen as below.The other point to note here is that i am using Domain Administrator account to install everything and hence i will leave the Account rights option intact and will not modify for now. We will read the Accounts management in next posts.

As soon as u hit Next, a wizard will check the connectivity to the EMS Server

Once the Connectivity check is successful, in the next window, you will need to select which array you want TMG to get added to. You can check how to add the Array  here. We have discussed this in last post.


Press Next once you choose the Array you want to add and you will be shown the Completion wizard with summary.

Press on Finish and then the wizard starts joining the TMG to an array selected


Press Ok and observe the changes in the Console of the TMG Server as below. It now shows you the EMS server you are connected to and an Array you are a part of, at the top left.

The other way of finding if the addition of TMG to an array is succesful or not is go to Monitoring Pane on the Left and click on Configuration tab in the middle Pane and see what you have got.In my case, i can see the TMG server that is MALTMG01 is in the Array and has got the configuration from EMS [ The sync status shows whether the configuration is available to Node MALTMG01 and if it has got the configuration copied to it from EMS].

So that covers the addition of TMG Server to an EMS Managed array, you can also add other nodes
to join an array.

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